Oehlbach XXL Transmission ULTRA

Digital High-End Antenna Cable


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Digital high-end antenna cable for the transmission of high-resolution audio and image data. External interference stands no chance thanks to the use of a very compact sheath current filter. This five-star antenna cable's inner conductor is manufactured from highly pure, oxygen-free HPOCC® copper, its fivefold shielding means that its signal transmission is almost perfect and loss-free. The shielded full-metal plug helps make the transmission of highly sensitive HDTV signals extremely stable – particularly at the critical material transitions.


  • Made in Germany
  • >125 dB Shielding
  • fivefold shielding
  • 24- carat gold-plated contacts
  • High-quality fabric sheathing
  • 75 ohm wave impedance
  • Incl. removable sheath-current filter
  • Full HD – Video
  • Solid full-metal plug
  • HPOCC® - mono-crystalline oxygen-free copper inner conductor
  • Coaxial cable layout
Characteristic wave impedance   75 Ω
Inner conductor material HPOCC® - monocristalline copper
Shielding dimension 125 dB
Cable sheathing fabric sheath
Special length Also available in individual customised lengths
Cable geometry Round
Plug design Full-metal screw-type plug
Plug type Straight
Plug type Coax plug
Shielding quantity fivefold shielding
Shielding material 2 x aluminium foil + 2 x copper braid + 1 x conducting CPVC

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