Schnepel MK Sound

Plasma, LCD, TV furniture (above 140cm), 1 flap fabric-fronted

The furniture is available in many colours and various dimensions. We would be glad to advise you on your indiviual pick of the bunch.

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Innovative, comfortable with modular design, the Schnepel S1 is launched with a range of design options.

A pure sound experience with the MK Sound. Rest assured that everything's been thought of: fabric-covered frontages (available in black, white or silver gray) guarantee optimal sound, even with the flip closed. The upper section can accommodate a sound bar; the lower part there are 3 compartments for AV equipment and accessories.


Features (standard):

  • High-quality chrome inserts on the joinings
  • patch design
  • Feet with the inner-adjustable leveling mechanism
  • Pull-out, adjustable shelves in each module
  • Flaps with integrated cushioning.
  • high-quality fittings
  • Including infrared distribution for control of AV equipment even with closed doors
  • Two side-wall-integrated 4-way power strips in each module (= 8 slots)
  • Cable management: luxury chrome grommet in the top compartment; invisible wiring inside the cabinet with double reinforcements and cable outlets in the partitions of the subjects and in the lower compartment


All that is possible:

  • Indirect lighting (white, red, or blue) control which is dimmed by touching the chrome inserts [more colours available on request]
  • An integrated sound system for connecting with Bluetooth-enabled music players or via the USB connection point
  • Fabric-covered frontage (black, white or red) with integrated sound system: for a better sound, even with closed doors [more colours available on request]
  • Rotating column with TV fixture column in chrome; TV set manually rotatable up to 45 ° on each side (for devices up to max. 60 "and a weight of max. Kg 55)
  • Rotating column with TV fixture, electric pillar in chrome; operated by remote control; Rotation range of 45 ° to each side; Back-up prevents further movement when the screen hits an obstacle (for devices up to max. 60 "and a weight of max. Kg 55) 
Dimensions H 510 | B 1667 | T 480 mm
Inner compartment   H 410 | B 510| T 430 mm
Max load OB 90 kg | EB 25 Kg
Weight 75 Kg

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