Philips Instant Bonus Deal

Philips Ambilight Television Now With Up To €500 Instant Bonus

Promotion Period: 
03. September 2018 -18. November 2018

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Choose a Philips Ambilight TV from the Instant Bonus campaign by November 18th and save up to €500.
Find detailed information and the conditions for participation at:


In our HiFi im Hinterhof online shop, the bonus is already deducted from the purchase price!


TV Bonus in €
75PUS7803/12  500
75PUS8303/12  500
65PUS8303/12  150
65PUS8503/12  150
65PUS7303/12  100
65PUS7363/12  100
65PUS7803/12  100
55PUS8303/12  75
55PUS8503/12  75
55PUS7303/12  50
55PUS7363/12  50
55PUS7373/12  50
55PUS7383/12  50
55PUS7393/12  50
55PUS7503/12  50
55PUS7803/12  50
49PUS7503/12  30
49PUS7803/12  30
49PUS8303/12  30
49PUS8503/12  30
50PUS7303/12 30
50PUS7363/12  30
50PUS7373/12  30
50PUS7383/12  30
50PUS7393/12  30
65OLED903/12  200
55OLED903/12  100
65OLED873/12  250
65OLED803/12  200
55OLED803/12  100



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Heinz Decker
Heinz Decker

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