Loewe bild 5.65 OLED Set Piano Black

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65" (164cm) Ultra HD OLED TV

The Set includes TV bild 5.65 oled, Soundbar bild 5 klang and the table stand TS Plate.

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OLED. Spectacular. Different.
The latest generation OLED screen is ultra-flat. Thinner than most smartphones at just 4.9 mm, it appears almost weightless. The television has a light and delicate look despite impressive 55” and 65” screen diagonals. OLED technology generates crystal-clear images using self-lighting pixels called organic light-emitting diodes. In contrast to LCDs, they do not require back lighting. Each and every pixel produces light. When the pixels are switched off, the result is an intense and complete blackness. With a response time of less than a microsecond. Making colours look even more brilliant. Rapid movements are breathtakingly authentic. OLED – uncompromising, perfect picture quality. Fascinatingly different!

The finest nuances
The 80 watt stereo sound system with a closed bass reflex box ensures warm low frequencies and authentic resonant sound. Choose individual components to create your personal configuration, for example the optional bild 5 klang soundbar. To experience that concert hall feeling in your own living room, combine the bild 5 oled with klang 5 speakers and the Loewe klang 5 subwoofer. Wireless technology allows the speakers and subwoofer to communicate with the television without cables. The integrated 5.1 audio multi-channel decoder avoids the need to purchase an additional AV receiver. You can enjoy the nuanced sound wirelessly through Bluetooth headphones or use Bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone directly to the television.

Integrated hard disk (DR+) with 1,000 GB of storage space. Watch a football match while recording a crime thriller and a film at the same time. Pause programmes and continue watching later. Or stream your film from the TV in the living room to the bedroom and watch the end in comfort.

Change channels or start recording, easily select films using the programme guide and quickly call up background information on your current viewing: available to download to your smartphone or tablet, the Loewe app will make life even easier.


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